Meet The Team

Reverend Angel Manuel Del Rio Rubio.jpg

Reverend Angel Manuel Del Rio Rubio

President / Founding CEO

Brian P. Kuzel.png

Brian P. Kuzel

Chief Organizational Development Officer

Ex-Officio Member

Akasia Elizondo.jpg

Akasia Elizondo

Chief Educational Services Officer

Karla Torres.png

Karla Torres

Chief Community Engagement Officer

Eduardo Angulo Palencia.jpg

Eduardo Angulo Palencia

Chief Volunteer Engagement Officer

Luis Enrique Palomino Hidalgo.jpg

Luis Enrique Palomino Hidalgo

Chief of Donors and Partners Engagement Officer

Iris Anguiano.jpg

Iris Anguiano

Chief Operations Officer

Hector Ortiz.jpg

Hector Ortiz

Chief Financial Officer


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: 

What are you doing for others?” 

+ Martin Luther King

At the end of the day…

What we do…

Shows that…


SRA Ministries

Saint Romero of America Ministries

Empowering the Community for a Better Tomorrow