Giving the gift of literacy and communication 


When people and groups donate to SRA Ministries, the organization's programs and services are improved, and the community is better served.


Today, students like Benjamin and Lidia will be able to attend SRA Ministries' ESL classes without having to pay the program's registration fee. Mr. Donald McCaskill, a long-time friend of the organization, generously donated funds to help low-income participants to get involved and participate in this program.

“All I did was give hope to a few people who are struggling in life due to a lack of resources and opportunity. I also have Latino and Latina friends. I've heard their stories and witnessed how hard they struggle to make ends meet and better their lives." "I cannot remain unmoved when I see people truly searching and pushing so hard to achieve something great for themselves and their families," Mr. McCaskill said.

“People can support SRA Ministries' programs by making donations," explained Reverend Angel Del Rio, CEO of SRA Ministries.

"With the generosity of many others like Mr. Donald McCaskill, we at SRA Ministries will be able to do more for people and the community. At the end of the day, it's all about you and me making a difference in other people's lives," Reverend Angel Del Rio concluded.

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