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What is Preaching?

God’s Word in Action

The preaching and exposition of God’s Word during the worship service is more than providing people with knowledge of God’s Word or moral instruction. When God created the world, God spoke everything into existence (Gen. 1, John 1:1-4). The Word of God has always been an active word. It creates or tears down, judges or saves. Throughout Scripture, it is the words of God that go out to bring about God’s purposes (Jer. 23:22-30; Is. 55:11). As the author of Hebrews tells us, the word of God is “living and active” through the power of the Holy Spirit (Heb. 4:12, see also Act. 2:33; 1 Thess. 1:5; Titus 3:5).

Faithful preaching is the public proclamation of God’s powerful Word to the people. But how can we discern what is the message for today’s world which is so different from the Hebrew time of Scripture?

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Contextual Preaching

Contextual preaching declares the Word of God in the current context of the situations of social, political, moral and economic life of listeners. It hears the Word and proclaims the Word through that immediate context of the congregation.  In the preparation of a contextual sermon, exegesis and application are a single process.

Ultimately preaching is about understanding the Word and Applying it to our world today. God must be able to say something to US! We are still relevant to the LOVE of God, and so there is a message for each one of us, as we are today!


Accompany us on this journey of Reflection, Prayer, and Preaching, and let’s grow together in Love, Wisdom, and Maturity

"Giving Birth"

by Catholic Singer: Martin Valverde

In this beautiful song dedicated to Monsignior Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Martin Valverde tries to show that evil in the world will not stop people of good will to dream and pursue moments of inspiration for justice, social equity, and faith. God is in the midst of our lives being present every time someone reaches out to the need of the others.

Enjoy such a beautiful song!

Preaching: Dare to Dream a New Church

June 25, 2021 During The 2021 Synod of the UACC

Dare to dream a New Church and Honor those who Dreamed before you. 

"If you want to follow me, take upon the opportunity, dare to dream a new church, carry it with you, and make it true".


Click here to read the reflection and/or listen to its audio.