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Faith-Based Services

Welcome to SRA Ministries, Where Faith Meets Celebration!


As a 503(c) faith-based charity, we are dedicated to providing meaningful services rooted in the rich traditions of faith and inclusiveness. Our mission is to create a sacred space where individuals and communities can commemorate important milestones and deepen their connection to God.

From baptism and quinceañeras to sixteenth birthday celebrations, weddings, and devotional gatherings honoring saints and Blessed Mother Mary, SRA Ministries is committed to ensuring that every moment of life's journey is infused with spiritual significance.


At SRA Ministries, we firmly believe that God deeply loves every person and possesses the inherent dignity of being a child of God. It is this fundamental belief that forms the foundation of our inclusive approach. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their background, beliefs, or affiliations.

We encourage you to inquire about our services whether you are a person of faith, researching spirituality, or simply looking for an officiant with whom you can connect for your meaningful event. 

Services we offer:

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