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Express yourself.
Let your voice be heard!

Communicate is a literacy program that teaches adults to understand, speak, read, and write in English, improving their lives and strengthening their communities.

Communicate helps address employment needs and widens the road to social stability by providing low-literate adults with access to educational opportunities that will secure their future.

ESL Education

Adult classes are available in person and online during the Fall and Spring semesters in a 12-week program each semester.

This program will provide weekly three-hour classes, work readiness training, exposition to cultural events, tutoring, and other supportive services.

An online placement test will assess each adult student before selecting the appropriate English Language Acquisition Level.


General Schedule:

Autumn Session - August to December

Spring Session - February to May

Summer - Accelerated English Programs for 5 Weeks - "Verano al CIEN!


A Night at the Museum! 

Teachers and Students of “Verano al CIEN” Met at the Dallas Museum of Art for a Night of Learning and Fun.

The Dallas Museum of Arts hosted a night of conversational interventions for our summer school program called “Verano al CIEN.” SEE MORE

Make a Difference.
Support Low-Income Students.
Please, Donate.

Some adults and young adults participating in our programs can do so because people like you made it possible. Some can hardly make ends meet to support themselves or their families. But still, they have a dream and a passion for pursuing their dream. 


Better language skills will open the doors for more significant opportunities.  By sponsoring our students and our program, you empower them for a better tomorrow. Thank you, and God Bless.


Backpacking for a Cause

Participants in our summer program "Verano al CIEN" prepared school backpacks to distribute to North Dallas boys and girls on Thursday, July 7th. SEE MORE

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