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Bringing Individuals and Organizations Into One Table to Advocate for the Community and Organize Efforts Driven Towards One Goal.


Coming Together

Community organizing, networking with local organizations, bringing individuals and groups together, with the same goals in mind, are all priorities of SRA Ministries as a facilitating agent in the Dallas area and the Metroplex.


We invite stakeholders from all walks of life to join forces and together create a forum to discuss, analyze, and work in areas such as:

Human Rights and Social Justice

Defense and Assistance to Migrants

Quality of Life and Inclusion for the LGTBQ Members of the Community

Advocating for Persons with Disability


Creating Spaces free of Hate and Racism

Celebrating Multicultural Diverse Neighborhoods

Through the Arts, Sports, Festivals, etc.

Engaging in Religious Diversity and Honoring Religious Traditions

Empowering Individuals and the Community for a Better Tomorrow

Are you looking for a space where your voice can be heard?

Is your organization wanting to partner with others in order to create a specific impact in the community?

Are you a local church, small business, corporation, or nonprofit, wanting to deep dive and plan on some important issues?


SRA Ministries is here to be a partner in the process and make reality any outcome that will empower individuals and the community for a better tomorrow.


Become a Community Organizer

Developing Community Commissions to plan, organize, and develop efforts to benefit the neighborhoods are important in Community Networking


Celebrating Cultures

Follow the News to find updates regarding community events, symposiums, festivals, and much more!

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