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Empowering Individuals and the Community Through the acquisition of English Language skills.


Empowering Individuals and the Community Through the acquisition of English Language skills.

Our English language programs equip low-income non-English speaking adults with English literacy, language, and life skills to promote self-sufficiency and an overall sense of confidence to be able to communicate and become a successful active agent in the life of the community.

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Hunger Services

Energizing Individuals and the Community Through Food Distribution and other Essential Items.

Our Hunger Services is in charge of partnering with other local organizations and assisting in the distribution of food and other essential items throughout Dallas county and the rest of the Metroplex. By identifying specific locations with communities on special needs, our Mobile teams will set up a mobile distribution center for a day so that individuals and families can participate collecting their goods.

Community Network

Bringing Organizations to the Same Table to Advocate for the Community and Organize Efforts Driven Towards One Goal.

Community Networking is essential to the Mission and Vision of SRA Ministries. We cannot fight every challenge by ourselves alone. If we bring into the table other organizations, we hear each other’s voices, hopes, desires, and dreams, then we can come together as a team and empower the community for a better tomorrow.

Come join us, request a meeting, let’s get together!

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