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Empowering Through Communication: Transforming Lives with Adult Education

Mani Rubio


In April, SRA Ministries celebrates the incredible strides made through its adult education program, Communicate. By offering ESL classes and citizenship preparation, the organization continues to witness profound transformations within individuals and families across the metroplex.

As April unfolds, SRA Ministries proudly unveils the remarkable progress and life-altering stories stemming from its adult education program, Communicate. Through a blend of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and the Program to Prepare for Citizenship, the organization continues to witness profound transformations within individuals and families across the metroplex.

Evelyn's journey serves as a poignant testament to the program's impact. A resilient single mother from West Dallas, Evelyn found solace and empowerment in participating in Communicate's Beginners classes at Jubilee Park and Community Center by Fair Park. Reflecting on her experience, she shared, "Ever since I started this program, it has helped me feel more confident about expressing myself in English. I know I have a long way to go, but I am happy that I found this place where I can improve my language skills." Evelyn's narrative underscores the program's efficacy in boosting confidence and nurturing essential skills.

Throughout the academic year 2023-2024, Communicate broadened its scope, operating across three sites simultaneously: Continental Gin Building in Deep Ellum, Jubilee Community Center by Fair Park, and Paris Beauty Academy on Saturn Road, Garland. Ms. Vee, an esteemed Advanced Level English teacher at the Continental Gin Building, fervently articulated the program's mission to empower individuals through communication. "What we intend to do throughout our Adult education program is to empower people with the tool of communication so that they can rise, be inspired, and transform their life and that of their families," she passionately emphasized.

As preparations for the forthcoming school year, slated to commence in August 2024, unfold, SRA Ministries sets its sights on expanding and enriching its offerings. The vision entails securing a space capable of hosting four concurrent sessions, accommodating a larger cohort of learners, and fostering an even greater community impact. To realize this vision, the organization appeals to the generosity of hearts willing to support its endeavor. Assistance is sought in securing a suitable space ideally situated around the I-30 corridor, 635, or 75, ensuring heightened accessibility for clients.

The transformative power of support cannot be overstated. Whether individuals, community members, or organizations, all are invited to unite in this meaningful journey of empowerment and transformation.

For those eager to contribute or get involved, further information is available by reaching out to Together, let's harness the power of communication to uplift lives and illuminate paths toward brighter futures.

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