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SRA Ministries Offers Exciting Summer Programs: "Summer Blast 2023" and "A Pathway to Citizenship"

Mani Rubio

June 15th, 2023.

SRA Ministries is offering engaging summer programs for the community, including "Summer Blast" (also known as "Verano al Cien"). Held at the Continental Gin Building in Deep Ellum, participants gather three times a week to enhance their skills and experience a growing sense of enthusiasm with the support of their teachers. In a special event, they will convene at the ATT&T Discovery Center in downtown Dallas for an immersive conversational session, adding to the excitement of the program. This initiative by SRA Ministries aims to provide enriching opportunities for individuals during the pleasant summer season.

Dallas, TX - As summer settles in with pleasant mornings and mild evenings, SRA Ministries provides enriching opportunities for community individuals. The participants of "Summer Blast" (also known as "Verano al Cien") have been gathering at the Continental Gin Building in Deep Ellum three times a week from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. The program has instilled a sense of excitement among the students as they receive support from their teachers and witness their confidence soar. Tonight, they have a special treat as they come together at the ATT&T Discovery Center for a conversational session, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Dallas.

Mrs. Sixner Claudio, a Summer Blast 2023 Intensive English Language Program participant, expressed her delight at the location. "This is my very first time here! I did not know about the Discovery Plaza of ATT&T. This is a beautiful and nice place to visit! I will be back here with my twin boys. They will love playing around in this plaza," she shared. The evening was enhanced with live music and other engaging events happening around the plaza, creating an evening of enjoyment and diverse attractions.

In addition to Summer Blast, SRA Ministries runs the pilot program "A Pathway to Citizenship," conducted online. Students connect via Zoom twice weekly to delve into the history, culture, national symbols, and more of the United States of America. They are also preparing for a mock interview, which will help them practice and succeed in the citizenship interview and exam. Mrs. Erika Venzor, a proud mother of a son serving in the US Army, expressed her aspirations to become a US citizen. "I want to become a US Citizen to fully participate in their political process and fully engage in every citizen’s right and responsibility. I am glad that I found this program with SRA Ministries. It is helping me realize my goals," she stated.

Both the Summer Program and the Citizenship Program are set to conclude by the end of June, with students gathering to receive their certificates of participation. Afterward, SRA Ministries will take a short recess before planning and implementing new learning and engaging activities.

SRA Ministries thanks all the community members, organizations, and donors who make their services possible. The organization is always open to community donors and organizations interested in supporting their efforts. Those who wish to contribute can contact SRA Ministries at or by providing a donation through the following: Paypal: / CashApp: $SRAMinistries / Venmo: @SRAMTX

SRA Ministries remains committed to empowering individuals, their families, and their communities through social services, community networking, civics education, and English language instruction. For more information about their programs, please visit

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