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SRA Ministries Partners with Borikén Creative Concepts to offer ESL Classes at their Uptown Dallas Location

Mani Rubio

July 12, 2021.

Beginning on the week of the 6th of September, SRA Ministries in conjunction with Borikén Creative Concepts will present an ESL program targeted to adults and young adults wanting to learn English as a Second Language in the Uptown (Fitzhugh and US 75) area.

It is a sunny afternoon, and the US 75 Highway is packed with high traffic heading North and South of the Dallas Uptown area. Sitting at the 6th floor of the office building is where Borikén Creative Concepts landed their entrepreneurship concept. Now they want to open their doors to the Latino community and give them the opportunity to learn English.

“I want them [the Latino community] experience that the sky is the limit. That each one of them can learn English and move on to greater professional or greater technical opportunities. I want them to experience a professional setting to motivate them to do well with this ESL program that SRA Ministries has put together,” expressed business owner Nelson Cruhigger.

Classes will be offered every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00PM to 8:30PM beginning on Wednesday the 8th of September 2021. The program will continue for 12 weeks before students go for a Winter Recess and then return for the Spring Semester.

SRA Ministries will also have 2 online sessions operating at the same time (7:00 to 8:30PM) Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday and Thursday. For more information and registration process, please visit:

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