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Parents and Children
Coming Together
Monday, June 3rd to Friday to June 28th

PACT (Parent and Child Together) is a fun program where kids, along with their parents and siblings, come together for two hours each week during our summer program.

In small groups, kids get to play and interact, learning to make choices, make friends, and share. They get creative with paint, playdough, blocks, and music, while also picking up simple rules and routines.

It's all about learning, playing, and having a blast! Parents also get to connect with other parents and share experiences.


  • Duration: 4 weeks (June 3rd to June 28th)

  • Schedule: Monday - Thursday, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • Location: 917 Bank St, Dallas, Texas, 75223

  • Families: $150

  • We accept tuition payments in cash on the first day of classes.

  • Each session will focus on interactive experiences that enhance literacy, foster positive parent-child interactions, and strengthen family connections.

Jubilee Park and Community Center

917 Bank St. Dallas, TX 75223


SRA Ministries, Dallas TX

In collaboration with AmeriCorps and Equal Heart

Four weeks of phonetics

and conversational English

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