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AmeriCorps Dallas partners with SRA Ministries' ESL program "Communicate."

Mani Rubio

March 22, 2022.

SRA Ministries will be able to increase ESL services over the summer and school year with its program, "Communicate," thanks to a partnership with Equal Heart AmeriCorps Dallas.

Saint Romero of America Ministries partnered with Equal Heart AmeriCorps Dallas to extend its English as a Second Language (ESL) program, "Communicate." SRAM (SRA Ministries) Executive Director Rev. Angel Del Rio agreed to the proposal given by Mr. Rafael Gonzalez, director of Equal Heart AmeriCorps Dallas, in the presence of board members and the AmeriCorps team. "Our goal is to give SRAM with a tool that will help them continue to teach English Language Education to more adults and young adults in the community," Mr. Gonzalez added.

"As students begin their first Academic Year of English as a Second Language, we have seen the SRAM team improve immensely this year." They've had their ups and downs, but they've always come out on top. They have demonstrated their commitment to their goals and missions, as well as to serving the DFW metroplex region. That is why, as AmeriCorps Program Manager, Ms. Jacqueline Espinosa stated, "we wanted to pitch in and join forces with them."

"With this new opportunity, SRA Ministries (SRAM) will be able to offer a summer school program to adults and young adults, allowing them to advance in their communication abilities!" Reverend Angel Del Rio exclaimed.

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