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Understanding SB4 and its Impact on Texas

Mani Rubio

February 20th, 2024.

Learn about Senate Bill 4 (SB4) and how it's affecting Texas communities. Find out how organizations like SRA Ministries are helping during uncertain times. Let's explore the ups and downs of dealing with SB4 and how it's affecting immigrant families.

Senate Bill 4 (SB4), also known as the "anti-sanctuary cities" law, has become a big deal in Texas since its implementation. SB4 aims to control undocumented immigration by letting police officers ask about someone's immigration status when they're stopped or arrested. It also makes local police follow federal immigration rules.

“SB4 will have a significant impact on immigrant families in Texas. Many are scared to talk to us, [the police], or ask for help from local authorities because they're worried about being asked about their immigration status and possibly getting deported. It's also made it harder for immigrant communities to trust the police, which can make it tough for everyone to stay safe,” mentioned Officer Alvarez to SRA Ministries.

In schools, SB4 has made some immigrant families worried about sending their kids to school or getting involved in school activities because they're scared of immigration enforcement. This can affect how well immigrant kids do in school and how they feel about themselves.

Organizations like SRA Ministries offer support and resources to help immigrant communities deal with SB4's challenges. Citizenship classes, like the ones SRA Ministries provides, are critical. These classes help immigrants learn about becoming a U.S. citizen, including how to pass the citizenship test and interview.

Organizations like SRA Ministries help permanent residents follow their dreams of becoming U.S. citizens by offering citizenship classes and support, even when laws like SB4 make things challenging. These classes don't just teach practical skills; they also create a sense of belonging and support during uncertain times.

As the debate about SB4 continues, organizations like SRA Ministries must keep supporting and speaking up for immigrant communities in Texas. Through education, support, and advocacy, we can all work together to create a more welcoming and inclusive society for everyone.

Photo courtesy of NBC NEWS.

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